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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings or non-amalgam fillings are the modern solutions to an unsightly looking smile. In previous decades, an amalgam or combination of metals was used to replace missing tooth materials brought by chipping or decay. However, these kinds of fillings cause patients to be more conscious about smiling and talking so that no one could see the unattractiveness of their filled teeth.

Fortunately, with the many positive changes brought about in dental technology and general dentistry treatments over time, a better alternative to amalgams came along, which closely mimicked the look and color of natural teeth. This alternative is more popularly known as tooth-colored fillings, and they are offered here at Napa Valley Dental Group in Napa, CA.

Porcelain and Resins

When not damaged by decay or dental injury, or heavily discolored and stained, the enamel of natural teeth is white. It is this whiteness of the enamel that is replicated by a composite of porcelain and resins, to match the look of the natural teeth for a beautiful smile.

At the same time, the tooth-colored fillings serve a more practical purpose, aside from the cosmetic value they provide.

Stronger Bonds and Comfort

Amalgam metals (mostly silver or gold), aside from not being enticing to look at, also do not bond suitably with the teeth. That is why teeth with amalgams had the tendency to decay faster, even when the cavities were already filled.

The texture of the cause uneasiness in some patients because they feel different, compared to the enamel of natural teeth. In contrast, fillings made of porcelain and resins do not give that unusual feel. Rather, such kinds of fillings are not noticeable at all, for they blend well with your natural teeth. They are also more comfortable.

Before getting a natural-looking filling matching the color of your teeth, your dentist will first check to see if the cavity is not yet that big. Fillings are not suitable when a huge cavity or extensive tooth decay is present.

In cases like those, your dentist may opt to recommend a root canal, dental crowns or an extraction, depending on the condition of your teeth.

If fillings are seen as the appropriate dental treatment, your dentist will layer the composite resins on your teeth. Each layer will be hardened by a special kind of light. After hardening, minor adjustments may be made to improve the color of your filled-in teeth.

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