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Mouth guards

Dental injuries can happen because of accidents or when engaging in contact sports. Dental trauma is also possible because of a condition such as bruxism, which involves the grinding of teeth and strong clenching of the jaw. To avoid dental injuries and bruxism-related trauma, the Napa Valley Dental Group in Napa, CA. may recommend the use of mouth guards as a general dentistry treatment.

Also known as mouth protectors or gum shields, your dentist may also use these devices during a teeth bleaching procedure. Another use for these devices is to provide support so that your braces or bridge will not break accidentally.

Boil and Bite vs. Custom Fit

While there are variations in their size, purpose, and color, mouth guards usually fall into two categories only: custom fit and the store -bought one more familiarly known as “boil and bite.”

As the name implies, custom fit mouth protectors are personalized. Your dentist specifically makes them for you. The procedure involves getting an impression of your teeth, then having a mold created from the impression.

In general, your upper teeth are what mouth protectors are for, but there could also be a need for lower teeth protection. Your dentist will evaluate your lifestyle and dental health and advise you if both your upper and lower teeth need to be protected.

For conditions such as bruxism, your dentist will recommend a mouth guard made for nocturnal use. This type of protector is to be worn only while you sleep.

Store-bought or boil and bite variants, on the other hand, are not precisely measured and fitted for your teeth. While you may save a bit more using store-bought variants, they will be impractical in the end as they do not come with an assurance of comfort and proper fit.

In contrast, your dentist will require an adjustment of your custom made protectors if you find that they do not fit well, or they give you problems with talking, eating, or even breathing.

For Adults and Children

Adults and children may be advised by their dentist to wear mouth protectors. However, due to the continuing growth and expansion of the teeth of children, the protectors may need to be replaced more often, to make allowances for size and better fit.

To know if a mouth guard is for you, get in touch with us. Your dentist will be pleased to provide more information as you may require. Please contact us online to schedule your appointment or by calling (707) 257-2400. Our office address is 2119 Jefferson St. Napa, CA 94559.

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