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Fluoride Application

Fluoride application, also known as fluoride varnish, is a general dental treatment that makes use of highly concentrated fluoride placed on the teeth as a means of avoiding tooth decay. The application serves as a deterrent to acid emitted by the bacteria found in dental plaque. This acid, along with sugar ingested from food, can wear down the enamel and lead to the formation of cavities. By having your teeth undergo a fluoride varnishing, the risks of your teeth being destroyed by cavities is substantially lessened.

The Napa Valley Dental Group in Napa, CA offers this service to patients to promote dental health and prevent dental related diseases that may come about because of tooth decay. Prevention of dental diseases can prevent the loss of teeth, gum malformations, as well as damage to the soft tissues and bone loss.

A fluoride varnish works best when it is applied twice a year. Children, who are more prone to experiencing tooth decay can benefit much from having the extra layer of protection that a fluoride application can give. Just the same, adults whose lifestyles also expose them to the possibility of developing cavities in greater number and frequency can also benefit much from getting a topical application.

Convenient and Safe

Fluoride can be found in the food you eat and the water you drink. Most toothpastes and mouthwashes also contain fluoride. However, the amount found in ordinary food and consumer products for oral hygiene is not as much, compared to a professional application. For that reason, it is best to go to your dentist to be pro-active in protecting your teeth.

The professional application of fluoride on your teeth by your dentist is not a complicated procedure. Patients find it convenient and safe. It does not involve any form of pain, as well.

Other Ways to Apply Fluoride

Aside from varnish, other ways to put a concentrated dose of fluoride on your teeth is through wearing a mouth guard with foam. This mouth guard is worn for about four minutes, before being removed. Fluoride in the form of a dental gel can also be used either by being placed on a mouth guard that is applied to the teeth, or by directly painting the gel. Dental professionals recommend topical application because by doing so, they can safely and efficiently lessen risks to their patient’s oral health.

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