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Cleanings & Routine Checkups

Cleanings and routine checkups are essential general dentistry treatments offered by the Napa Valley Dental Group in Napa, CA. These services, although basic, are vital to your dental health. During routine checkups, your dentist can evaluate the condition of your teeth, gums, and the soft tissues and bones of your mouth.

During your dental visit, your dentist will check if there is plaque on your teeth and tartar near your gumline, as these are often the causes of dental problems such as receding gums, cavities, and misaligned teeth.

Your neck, palate, and throat will also be inspected to see if there are signs of unusual growth, which could signify a condition such as cancer. Your tongue will be checked too, for unusual patches which could also signify an oral disease.

Scaling Away Tartar

After the inspection comes the cleaning process. Your dentist will perform scaling, which removes the tartar. Tartar cannot be dislodged by mere brushing and flossing at home because it is hard and attached to the gumline. When tartar is not removed, it builds up and becomes the breeding ground of bacteria that can bring infection and more disease. That is why dental professionals recommend making an appointment twice a year to have your teeth and gums cleaned.

Cosmetic Values

A dental cleaning is not only about removing plaque and tartar. The next step involves the removal of stains on your teeth through polishing. Stain removal is essential to have an attractive smile. Teeth with stains make you look older and your teeth appear dirty.

Once polishing is done, a professional flossing is next. This step ensures that any dental debris left after the cleaning and polishing is removed from the spaces between your teeth.

When cleaning has been completed, you will be asked to rinse your mouth. After rinsing, if you run your tongue behind your teeth, you will notice a smoother, cleaner feeling compared to what it felt like before you had your teeth cleaned.

Your oral health is priceless. By having regular checkups and cleanings, you can avoid dental diseases; that is a big step towards retaining the functionality of your mouth, teeth, gums, and jawbone and preserving the beauty of your smile.

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