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Is Snap-On-Smile Right for You

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Are you bothered by imperfect teeth? Perhaps you hide your smile due to large gaps, chips, discoloration or other unsightly features. Cosmetic dentistry is the answer. This dental specialty offers a variety of ways to improve and correct aesthetic flaws within your smile. However, not everyone is able to afford the investment of a smile makeover, and some may be hesitant to make permanent changes to their teeth. Now, there’s a solution – Snap-On-Smile is a non-invasive, reversible and budget-friendly solution to a perfect smile!

What Is Snap-On-Smile?

Snap-on-Smile is a removable arch of “teeth” which is designed to snap over the existing upper (or lower) teeth. The appliance is fabricated from strong dental resin that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. It involves a simple appointment to get dental impressions of your smile and to determine your specific goals for your new smile in terms of style, shape and color. Next, your Snap-On-Smile is custom-made in a dental laboratory and will be sent back to your dental office for you to pick up. Snap-On-Smile pops directly over your own teeth with a seamless and comfortable fit.

Benefits of Snap-On-Smile

Permanent or Temporary
Some people choose this innovative cosmetic solution long-term, while others may simply want to “try out” what their permanent smile makeover would look like. It is also common for patients to choose a Snap-On-Smile for a special event or upcoming photo shoot.

Snap-On-Smile can be completed without the need for removing any of your natural tooth structure. In fact, you won’t even need anesthesia! In addition, your existing teeth won’t be harmed or damaged by wearing the appliance on a daily basis.

A valued advantage of Snap-On-Smile is that it costs a fraction of the price of porcelain veneers or multiple crowns. It is the perfect way to gain an instant new smile without draining your savings.


Don’t worry; you won’t have to remove your Snap-On-Smile to eat and drink. You may carry on with your day as usual, but with a beautiful smile you are proud to show off. You’ll be given special cleaning products to keep your Snap-On-Smile free of bacteria and stains.

Does Snap-On-Smile interest you? Call Napa Valley Dental Group. We welcome the opportunity to transform your smile in ways that suit you best.

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